Available Packages:
  Interactive Entertainment
  Micro-Reality Racing
  The "VIP" Package
  Family Comforts Package
  Baby Comfort Stations
  The Toddler Zone™
  The Tween Zone
  Parent Pavilion

  Sponsorship Opportunities:
We have plenty of Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities available for our upcoming events. Learn More>>
  Media Options:
All Zones and Baby Comfort Stations offer digital media display options. These can be used by the sponsor, sold for additional sources of revenue, or a combination of the two. We recommend selling at least 10 spots per unit at a minimum of $100.00 each. Peak hours and the number of displays can be integrated into the pricing.

Design Services:
We have all the programs and tools to help you create any type of marketing media, such as brochures, flyers, etc. Learn More>>

Available Packages

From a small 8ft x 10ft tradeshow booth, to entire "Family Zones", we can create a customized and affordable, marketing experience with strong, good-will branding. Unlike other marketing companies, FESTIVAL FEATURES, INC provides a fully integrated, proven effective, marketing program that connects your sponsors with today's families.

Interactive Entertainment:
All kinds of different games to make your events more exciting. For fast paced excitement, our Micro-Reality Racing has proven to be one of the hottest promos to date, along with the heart pounding and intense Super Shoe Soccer. Other games include Radar Fastball, Sportsfishin' Simulator and more! Learn More>>

Micro-Reality Racing:
Drive our 2ft. long radio controlled stock cars from full-sized steering wheels. These cars can lap our 25ft banked oval speedway in about 4 seconds. A large put-through rate, with 4 to 6 participants every 2-4 minutes, with audience grabbing crashes, that keep people entertained for hours Learn More>>

Event Marketing The “VIP” Sponsorship Package:
For maximum impact, we recommend our VIP Sponsorship Package. The package includes a standard Toddler Zone, up to 4 “Baby Comfort Stations”, a Tween Zone, a Parent Pavilion, as well as many amenities. This sponsorship package creates an event saturation that reaches every demographic. Learn More>>

Event Marketing The “Family Comforts” Sponsorship Package:
For a saturation effect at a reasonable price, we recommend our “Family Comforts” Sponsorship Package. The package includes a standard 40’x40’ Toddler Zone and up to 3 Baby Comfort Stations. Let us maximize your crowd retention while putting your sponsor front and center. Learn More>>

Baby Marketing The Baby Comfort Stations™:
“The Baby Comfort Stations” made their grand entrance at the Portland Rose Festival in 2008 with outstanding results! These private nursing and changing areas provide for the needs of your smallest VIP’s while creating a complete marketing and sampling platform with good-will branding, lead-generation and point-of-need product placement. Learn More>>

Marketing Event The Toddler Zone™:
Designed specifically for the children too small for rides, this area provides just the respite a mom needs to stay through dinner. Just a few of the things your Toddler Zone includes are: uniformed attendant, fencing, seating, flooring/carpet, colorful safety standard surface matting, safety standard climbing equipment, media options, activity tables, sampling and product display area. Learn More>>

Tween Zones:
Aimed to capture the attention of our 10-15 year old participants we offer a wide range of options. From video games and Guitar Hero™ play-offs to simple art tables, we can capture the flavor of your event. Learn More>>

Parent Pavilion:
Our Parent Pavilion offers an oasis away from the bustling crowd. This 60’x60’ VIP hospitality lounge offers a perfect spot to reach customers. Tables with umbrellas, multi-media screens, stages, giveaways, catering; these are a few of the options available. These zones are perfect for sponsor customization and good-will branding while increasing crowd retention. Learn More>>


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